The Grouch [click to read] and Eligh, also known as the duo G&E, are prepping for the release of their forchoming music video, one that features their latest single “!Boom!” off of their Say G&E album. The video, which was shot in Oakland, California, will premier tomorrow via MTVu and hit the net shortly after. The two spoke with HipHopDX about the video and the track but they also let us know about what fans can expect from their upcoming projects.

“!Boom!” has an uptempo feel and a vibe that many fans weren’t expecting from the duo. How did it come about?

Grouch had some beats from Amp that he had on his hard drive and he wrote the chorus and a verse to that beat. He played it for me and I listened to it and really liked that chorus. Of course I like Amp’s beats but I never really rhymed over those kind of beats. Nowadays, that’s what excites me, to do something different,Eligh told HipHopDX. “I put my verse down and we thought we should get somebody else on it. I came up with Slug as the dude. We thought, at first. Mistah F.A.B. would be tight and other cats that stereotypically you would think would fit perfectly over these beats, which they would. But, we both thought we should do something different and pick a guy who you would never expect over this kind of beat.”

The Grouch added more on what fans can expect to see in the video clip.

It’s a black and white video. Slug is a guest feature on it. The beat that Amp Live did was basic, simple and clean. So, we wanted to match the video with that so we filmed it in one of those white Psych rooms,” he said of the video. “It’s pretty basic and it kind of narrates the verses. There’s a little storyline in the video.”

Mistah F.A.B., The Cuf, Bayliens, Aesop Rock and others make cameos in the video. One other cameo comes from a family member as The Grouch asked his uncle to make an appearence.

I had my uncle come through and do a Chinese Lion Dance. That’s something I haven’t seen on a Hip Hop video before.”

This video will be directed by Matt Hobbs, someone who has done a few videos with The Grouch already.

Matt Hobbs is a young kid out of Colorado that I started working with a few years ago,” he said. “He keeps getting better and better, as far as I’m concerned.”

There are no finalized plans for the next full length Living Legends disc. Meanwhile, side projects should hold fans down for some time. Eligh is working on a solo project that he has been crafting carefully, adding that he wants to make sure it comes out right. He’s also working hard at his first “true love,” which is making beats and he’s been working with various artists including Mystic [click here]. He also said he wants to produce more often and perhaps score movies in the future. The Grouch also has some solo work ready to be released and that may hit stores next year.

“I’m thinking I might put this EP out before the end of the year…It’s actually produced by DJ Fresh, who’s been DJing for me in my live show. He’s actually a real dope producer.”

Zion I and Grouch are also going to start recording their new album soon.