With the death of Michael Jackson taking the country—and the world—by surprise, one question has been lingering in the minds of several: how will this year’s BET Awards honor the King of Pop?

All questions will be answered this Sunday.

According to an Associated Press report, several artists, including Ne-Yo and Beyonce will alter their performances to honor Jackson.

“To change it up in three days is something that’s not easy but they’re all willing and looking forward to it,” BET executive Stephen Hill said Friday. “There’s a direct line from Ne-Yo to Michael Jackson. There’s a direct line from Beyonce to Michael Jackson. There’s a direct line from Jay-Z to Michael Jackson. I think they’ll want to pay tribute in their own way.”

The entire show will be dedicated to Jackson’s memory, Hill said.

While the performance revisions are a tall order, Hill acknowledges this once in a lifetime moment to pay homage to Jackson.

“There will be another awards show, so if this one changes, that’s fine,” he said. “There will not be another Michael Jackson.”

Jackson’s relationship with BET goes back years. Founder and former owner Bob Johnson told Michael Eric Dyson that Jackson insisted that BET have the same access to his videos as the original music video giant MTV.