DJ Jazzy Jeff [click to read] says his gig in a Kansas nightclub ended due to censorship and not issues of race as previously reported.

Jazzy Jeff’s set last week at the Power & Light District was cut short because club promoters did not approve of the music during the set, according to an article in USA Today.

However, several conflicting accounts about the abrupt end to the set have fueled reports of racism on behalf of club promoters. When the story broke, reports also stated that club officials wanted Jazzy Jeff [click to read] to turn down the volume due to concerns over the sound system.

An article on disputes the volume report. An unidentified individual stated that, “At no point during Jazzy Jeff’s very brief set was he or his road manager told that there were any technical or sound problems.”

Jazzy Jeff put the rumors to rest, telling the Associated Press that the club didn’t like “the style of music” he was playing.