Max B was accused of masterminding an attempt to rob two wealthy men, Allen Plowden and David Taylor, but the plan went wrong. As a result, Taylor was shot and killed. To execute the plan, Charly Wingate, also known as Max B, sought the help of his girlfriend Gina Conway and his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdem. Now, a rep has confirmed to that Max B was indeed found guilty in the trial.

Back in May, reported that Conway’s words would weigh heavily on the outcome of the case [click here].

“The case truly rises and falls on the words of Gina Conway,” said Max B’s attorney, Gerald Saluti.

According to new reports, this was true [click here]. Conway turned on the rapper and became a star witness for a shorter jail sentence. According to Saluti, she may only face 10 years of jail time. [click here] spoke with Max B’s lawyer as well to get his take on the results.

He’s got his head up, which is not surprising. He’s a tough young kid. We expect to come back on appeal.”

Why the appeal?

I think [the case] should have gotten dismissed at the end of the state’s case,” he added.

Even after being found guilty, Max B’s lawyer says his client was pleased with him.

He said he loved me. I’m like his brother,” he said of Max B’s reaction after the case.

Sentencing is on July 31, 2009. According to Saluti, the courts can expect an appeal.

“We’re not done fighting. I can tell you right now, we’re not.”

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