Rapper/producer and one third of the music group N.E.R.D Pharrell Williams has made himself into a quiet, yet powerful force in the music industry. Releasing the Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, the Ice Cream shoe line, five albums to date, and earning two Grammy Awards for his production work on Justin Timberlake‘s solo debut Justified, Pharrell‘s influence is undeniable. He recently talked about his inspiration regarding his fashion industry endeavors.

Billionaire Boys Club is a lifestyle brand,” he told the Associated Press. “Ice Cream is a little more affordable, but BBC is different. I created that brand because I had a lot of admiration for Ralph Lauren, but I wanted to take that concept and pretend that Willy Wonka was the head designer. So it’s different, and the clothes are made in Japan, so there’s a price that goes along with that. Ice Cream, on the other hand, is like our silliness mixed with a huge, huge respect for skating and how I saw things when I was a kid. It’s kind of like me making the clothes I never got to have when I was 15.”

According to him, a television show about the Ice Cream shoe brand is currently in development, but he declined to elaborate on the topic. In any case, a television show would only add to the large list of projects Pharrell is currently involved in. In addition to his work outside of music, he is currently finishing up work on Shakira‘s album, Usher’s upcoming CD, and will soon be hitting the studio with Rihanna, Incubus, and Sara Bareilles. His production work with the diverse group of artists only signifies his affinity for eclectic music.

“I just want to make great music-that’s what I love to do. And we’re finishing the new N.E.R.D. album. We just put one out last year, but we’re having fun. It’s so cool when we go on tour. With all the support we get from kids, our shows are growing. It’s all happening.”

When asked how he’s able to keep up with all his business ventures as well as his music work, Pharrell replied, “I have no social life, and it’s kind of cool that way.”