Kanye West [click to read] is bringing his line from “Champion”[click to read]—“They got the drop out keeping kids in the school”—to life with a new program honoring his late mother, Dr. Donda West [click to read].

Loop Dreams, renamed the Dr. Donda West Foundation after Dr. West’s 2007 passing is designed to teach children about Hip Hop and music production in an effort to curb the number of high school dropouts. The program will be anchored in the Los Angeles area.

“Since my mom died I’m about living to cultivate myself by travelling the world,West told Contact Music. “My mom was an educator so she brought that kind of knowledge and instilled it in me. Now I’m keeping her dream alive through the foundation to take it to the next level.”

While West has often been an outspoken critic against some of Hip Hop’s ills, the producer still defends the culture that made him a superstar. He says Hip Hop is a means of expression and is no worse than a movie from a certain United States Governor.

“Hip-hop is a reflection of what’s going on. It’s a form of entertainment and it’s not steering people any differently than a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a brand, I’m not defined by Hip Hop. It’s just a tool that I choose to use.”