In a recent video interview with, Ja Rule addressed Hip Hop unity and how Hip Hop music stacks up against other genres.

We fighting against other
” explained Ja. “We fightin’ against
motherfuckin’ rock. We fightin’ against pop. We fightin’ against these
other genres of music. We need to be together as a whole and not
separating ourselves between West and East and South. I think New York
is making a strong comeback right now. I think we doin’ our thing, we
got Maino, we got Red Cafe. I think
New York is making a surgence [sic]. I got my acts outta New York, I’m coming
with a crazy album right now. But you know as a whole, it’s not about
New York…it’s about Hip Hop. We all in this together. So when I think
about it, that’s really my feelings on the situation.

Rule also spoke on his oft-delayed album, The Mirror. “I’m putting together The Mirror: Reloaded. The Mirror got leaked…so I’m putting together all new tracks.

In the meanwhile, Ja says he’s busy listening to new albums by Jadakiss, Drake and Chester French.