In some of the more bizarre news in some time, P Diddy has made the news again but this time for reasons that will surprise you. Simply put, the rap mogul is afraid of clowns and he doesn’t want them at his shows. Coulrophobia has caused him to have a clause in his performance contracts that prohibits clowns at his shows. I’m curious, how many people go to a show in a clown outfit?

While this does not seem like a big deal at all (clowns are kind of bugged), Paul Kleinberger, chairman of the Clowns Of America International Convention 2002 says the no-clown clause is no laughing matter. Kleinberger aka Fuddi-Duddy, is accusing Puffy of practicing discrimination in his contracts. He is quoted in the New York Post saying “That would be like me saying I refuse to entertain with a rapper in the audience.”