At the end of March, Cam’ron [click to read] officially pulled the plug on any talk of a Diplomats reunion [click to read]. Now, Cam’s former rhyme partner and protégé Juelz Santana [click to read] is putting all Dip Set talk behind him—and says he’s happy to do so.

The Def Jam artist recently spoke to MTV about the situation. In addition to the business relationship between the Dips going south, Santana indicated that personal relationships between several in the group have dissolved as well.

“I’m just glad that people get to see the type of person he really is,” Santana said. “Once again, he said a lot of things about Jim — [talking to] him, which I don’t really know about. We all had separate relationships at the end of the day. [Cam’ron] has yet to tell people what Juelz did. You dig what I’m saying? Let’s be serious.”

Santana also alluded to some wrong doing on Cam’ron’s part, which may further fuel rumors that the business relationship between the two wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

“At the end of the day, [Cam’ron] can’t look in the mirror when it comes to me. He knows how loyal I was to him,” he added. “He knows how much of a brother I was to him.”

According to Santana, Cam’ron killing the reunion makes it easier for the younger member of the crew to keep it pushing.

“It kind of makes me feel good, ’cause it lets the people know you don’t have to ask me that [reunion] question. He’s telling y’all. ‘No matter what the fans want, I’m not doing it.’ It takes a load off my back. Cam gave y’all the answer. He’s the boss. He’s always been the boss. I never tried to take that [a]way from him. It is what it is. I’m moving forward. We all got kids. I got family, my peoples got families. We’re moving forward.”