Hip Hop and rap music are once again under the gun (no pun intended) after a shooting following an E-40 concert in Colorado left one dead.

Despite extra precautions allegedly taken by Colorado Springs authorities, the culmination of E-40’s concert marred by gun fire that rang out in the parking lot of the Mr. Biggs Event Center. The victim has not been identified by name, but is reported to be a male in his early 20s.

“The crowd was significantly larger than the number of officers,” Colorado Springs police spokesman Sgt. Darrin Abbink told The Gazette. “They reacted as quickly as they could.”

Three months ago, five people were wounded by gun fire after an E-40 concert at a Denver nightclub. After that incident, E-40 issued a statement distancing himself from the incident.

He (E-40) encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back,” the Bay area artist said via statement. E-40 had a crowd pleasing and peaceful show … While he certainly regrets that this incident took place, E-40 and camp are unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make.”

In 2007, Colorado Springs authorities issued a statement linking criminal activity to ‘gangsta rap.’ “Within this genre of music, there are artists that glorify criminal behaviors with a style of music commonly called ‘Gangsta Rap,’” the statement reads. “This style of music has the tendency to attract gang members which often results in criminal activity requiring a police response.”

Colorado Springs arrested one man in connection with the fatal shooting.