“Still Not A Player” a documentary that details the life of the deceased latin rapper Christopher Rios aka Big Pun, is sure to surprise some viewers. The film, which is due out on June 18th, shows a side of Pun that is unknown to his fans. Pun spent his last years battling depression, his weight and his wife. The documentary has footage of Pun pistol whipping his wife after a seemingly small argument.

There are also stories of Pun’s upbringing that was riddled with problems. He was beaten by his step father while trying to cope with his mother’s drug addiction. He was homeless by the time he was a teenager. He frequently battled depression that played a role in his obesity.

The documentary features candid commentary from his family and friends. His wife, Liza Rios, his mother, grandmother and sisters as well as fellow rappers Nas, Ice T, and Noreaga. His mentor, Fat Joe and protégé, Cuban Link also appear on the film. The documentary was done by Marcos Antonio Miranda and will available on DVD and VHS.