During a time when it was assumed Trick Daddy [click to read] would be announcing a few of the various business and multimedia ventures he hopes will bring his name back to the forefront of the Hip Hop game, the veteran Miami emcee tells Ricky Smiley he has been diagnosed with Lupus.

“I went to the doctor, Dr. Betty Bellman, and we took all types of tests,” Trick told Ricky Smiley. “I was trying to get rid of Acid—for dry skin that black folks used to have. She did biopsies and all types of blood tests and told me I had the disease Lupus.”

Trick added that he has Discoid Lupus, which makes him highly sensitive to exposure to direct sunlight, as opposed to the form which caused Dilla‘s death. After the surprising announcement, Trick made it quite clear that his condition hasn’t changed things as far as his upcoming business ventures.

MTV Books got my book [click to read] coming out in stores this summer,” Trick Daddy announced. “They got me playing in a move with a lot of the gangsters from ‘The Wire’ and a lot of other big, black films. It’s gonna start filming in the next two or three weeks.”