Last September, Kanye West and his road manager Don “Don C.” Crawley were involved in a paparazzi skirmish that left one cameraman’s equipment smashed on the L.A.X. airport floor [click to watch], with the whole event being caught on tape. After deciding not to smack the Chicago rapper with felony charges, a Los Angeles city attorney formally filed misdemeanor charges for the incident Wednesday, with both men being named in the statement.

According to the Los Angeles Times, West is being charged for one count of misdemeanor vandalism, grand theft, battery, and up to two-and-half years in jail. Crawley was hit with a harder line of charges, facing two counts of each previously listed for West. Subsequently, he could possibly spend five years in jail for his participation in the paparazzi thrashing. Both men are expected for arraignment on April 14 at the Airport Courthouse. West’s attorney, Blair Berk, had no comment at press time.