Twenty-five years ago, one of Hip Hop’s seminal documentaries, Style Wars was released. This year, the movie that brought graffiti to the forefront is getting a second look.

Portions of additional 29 hours of footage from the original shoot will be available when the documentary is released on HD Blu Ray.

“Last November (2008) Henry Chalfant and myself (Carl Weston) went out to Los Angeles for a week to go through some 29 hours of unused style wars footage,” Weston stated. “Henry and myself are in the early stages of prepping a HD Blu Ray release of style wars..We wanna make sure all of the best of the unused footage is on that release. I shot all of this footage of the screen of the flatbed editor so the audio/video quality is very low.”

The documentary features one of the first looks of DJ Kay Slay, who was once a prominent graffiti artist in the New York area who went by the name of DEZ. The documentary also features Crazy Legs, Case/Kase 2, and Futura.

A snippet of the unused footage can be found here.

Style Wars first aired in 1983 on PBS. It was also shown as several film festivals.