Andre 3000 has dominated music, motion pictures, and television, now “Three Stacks” sets to take on the stage.

Dre’s Emmy winning series “Class of 3000” has been transformed from an animated series to a theatrical production. “Class of 3000,” which was aired on the Cartoon Network features Andre 3000 as international jazz and blues star turned music teacher Sunny Bridges, who mentors students at his old performing arts school in Atlanta.

The animated series aired from November 2006 until May 2008, and also spawned its own album [click to read]. It was later cancelled, due to budget problems amid allegations of stealing the show’s premise and characters from someone else [click to read].



The “Class of 3000” play has been designed around the cartoons first episode titled “Life Without Music.” The plot follows Sunny Bridges’ return to Westley School for the Performing Arts and his relationship with a pack of unruly and energetic 12-year-olds.

The songs, which play a major role in the production, were all created by Andre 3000. The play is now being performed at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta through March 29.