The March issue of GQ selected Yeezy and Tip to help make-up their list of “Ten Most Stylish Men in America” for 2009. Musicians were well represented on the list as British DJ Mark Ronson was included, and Justin Timberlake topped the GQ ranking.

Kanye West, who has been the subject of much fashion praise and critique recently, sounded off to GQ about how people try to set his style in stone.

“At photo shoots, people are always trying to put that fucking Day-Glo suit on me: ‘Kanye West is gonna wear this Day-Glo suit.’ No, Kanye West is not! I might wear a Day-Glo pocket square. Or socks,” Ye said. “I’m a normal human being! Kanye West is not your hanger.”

T.I. said his style starts from the kicks up.

“Every morning, I start with my shoes. Usually, I have a pair that I just know I wanna wear, and from there I put my shirt with my shoes, my pants with my shirt, my belt with my shoes and my shirt.”

T.I. and Kanye shared the stage at the Grammy’s to perform “Swagga Like Us” [click to watch] and both donned tuxedos. T.I. says he helped make the formal style trendy.

“So I guess the fact that more formal stuff like blazers is acceptable in hip-hop these days…I could take a little credit for that.”

The list [click to read] also includes Jason Schwartzman, hotelier Andre Balazs and photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

Kanye will be releasing a collabo sneaker with legendary label Louis Vuitton in June [click to read]. The owner of Hip Hop’s most recognizable shag/mullet combo since Hammer further explained his fashion decisions with GQ’s sister publication Details .