Rapper MIMS [click to read] caught up with HipHopDX while speaking on a panel to college students in North Carolina. The rapper responsible for 2006 hit “Why I’m Hot” [click to read] said that he’s not immune to the criticism he received for the smash. “I hear a lot a lot, I hear a lot of talking obviously. I’m feel like I’m doing a complete 180 from what people expected of me. Thorough out my career with ‘Why I’m Hot’ being so huge a lot of people tried to pigeonhole me as a one-hit wonder. With my slow rise to the top again, and releasing my album Guilt [releasing] April 7th, people are slowly being convinced about me as a emcee, and that’s all I really ask right now. I’ma humble myself to say,  I’m not worried about haters and naysayers anymore. I’m just worried about convincing people of being a artist that survives along the years.

As a result of these sentiments, calling his sophomore effort Guilt was the result of the last two years. “Basically, that was my emotion behind recording this whole project,” explained the New York rapper signed to Capitol/EMI. “I feel ‘guilt’ because I’ve been successful at a time where people been through a recession. That means losing jobs and not having the income they once had two years ago.  It’s a lot of emce’s feeling like that, and I feel like it’s a disconnect with the audience. It’s good to floss and feel good about yourself, but what I don’t like doing is waving money in people’s faces. Let’s talk about the real issues and things that people wanna hear.

With this album, I went in with a guilty emotion and it allowed me the energy that I created in this project. They really gonna be surprised with what they hear,MIMS added, in speaking to DX.

Guilt is rumored to feature appearances by Trey Songz, Junior Reid, as well as production by Pharrell and “This Is Why I’m Hot” outfit The Blackout Movement.

Recently, MIMS released the single “Bread N Butta” [click to listen].