Hip Hop entrepreneur and rapper Diddy has become one of the latest artists to pass the blame regarding Hip Hop’s current status.

In a recent interview with MTV, Diddy explains why Hip Hop could have been better if the DJ hadn’t fallen off.

People have figured out the formula when they make records for radio, and DJs ain’t DJs no more,” Diddy explained to MTV. “DJs don’t break records no more. DJs don’t play album cuts. DJs play what is going to move the crowd. DJs, they don’t expose you to the newness. That was the DJs’ thing. Hip Hop is in a recession also. It’s not dead, it’s definitely way better than where it was at, as far as with ‘Ye, T.I. and with Jeezy. It’s so much great stuff out there, the responsibility has to come with the DJs.”

In similar news, Diddy is currently working on his latest album which he promises will have an unexpected and experimental sound.

Right now, I’m working on my record, and it’ll be out in the end of summer,” said Diddy. “It’s feeling good. It’s different. I’m creating a new sound. It doesn’t sound like anybody else’s stuff out there. With that comes a risk. I’m excited about the risk. I do have a beef a little bit with the game right now. I think Hip Hop has lost its risk-taking quality. Everybody goes to the comfort zone. It doesn’t have that risk anymore. You’re not like, ‘What is that?’ when you hear that record anymore.

In an interview with InTouch Weekly last year, Diddy explained his new sound as “electro Hip Hop soul”.

Diddy‘s most recent solo album, Press Play, was released in 2006 and debuted as number one in the United States.