Last December, Peter Rosenberg’s Noisemakers event featuring DJ Premier provided a new outlet for Hip Hop history buffs. The Hot 97 deejay touched on a number of topics relevant to the game, and the event also featured a musical tribute and a never-before-seen video tribute [click to view]. In efforts to continue the momentum from last year’s debut, Noisemakers returns with Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson of The Roots on February 11 at the 92Y Tribeca.

“It’s sort of a Hip Hop nerd’s paradise, and you generally get a crowd that really loves Hip Hop,” Rosenberg tells HipHopDX. ?uestlove has worked with a lot of the mystical characters in Hip Hop; these are a lot of people that you just don’t know that much about. On top of that, he’s just a crazy music connoisseur, and it’s gonna be cool to get his insight based on what he knows.The overall setup is pretty dope, and the 92Y Tribeca is nice inside.

Despite the moniker of a Hip Hop nerd’s paradise, Rosenberg says this edition of Noisemakers will be “as good an experience as you can get for your money.” The event will also feature a musical tribute to ?uestlove by Igmar Thomas and The Cipher, and a candid question and answer session that could possibly touch on everything from ?uest‘s efforts in President Obama‘s election campaign to the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I might ask him about Eagles fans, because everyone knows Eagles fans are horrible,” Rosenberg joked. “I know he’s loyal because he’s from Philly, but I’ve gotta find out exactly how serious he is.” In traditional Noisemakers fashion, attendees can expect to hear about all of ?uest‘s shelved, secret and/or exclusive projects from P and the Yessirs to the Randy Watson Experience. Much like Noisemakers with DJ Premier, Rosenberg hopes to walk the fine line between the gatekeepers and tastemakers.

“You get this crowd that’s really on the breaking edge of stuff,” Rosenberg added. “The last ‘Noisemakers’ with Premier had the conversation about 50 Cent, which led to him dropping ‘Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth’ [click to listen]. So it’s pretty cool, in terms of influence. The Premier event was about as pure, underground Hip Hop as it gets. Yet, the way things work now, people pay attention to the Internet and other media. So it ends up directly impacting the biggest artist in Hip Hop. This event is sort of in-between those two ideas.”

For those who either missed Noisemakers with Premier or won’t be in the New York area, Rosenberg plans on collaborating with another name familiar in many Hip Hop circles to make the series accessible to anyone interested.

Rik Cordero actually shot some footage of the last event, and he’s shooting this one too” Rosenberg said. “We haven’t put it out yet, but we’re gonna release that. We’re gonna put out a piece of it next week. And we’re actually looking to potentially get this on some sort of television outlet…nothing crazy. If not then, we’ll do a DVD of the series.”

General admission to the February 11 Noisemakers event featuring ?uestlove is $15, and more information is available at or