Former Grey’s Anatomy star  Isaiah Washington
has become an official citizen of Sierra Leone, making him the first
African-American man to gain citizenship in the African continent based
solely on DNA.

The Texas-born actor has spent several months
working with Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma for his nationwide initiative that seeks to raise $250,000 to help improve the lives of one million children in Sierra Leone.  The Reach One Million campaign
was created by Washington after he discovered through DNA that his
roots sprang from the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone. The mission of the
campaign strives to “engage and educate everyday Americans on the plight of the children of
Sierra Leone, where 47% of the country’s children under the age of 5
are afflicted with malaria and 28% percent (sic) of the population are unable
to meet basic food requirements.”

Taking interest in spending more time in Sierra Leone to learn in the land of his heritage, Washington fought to
secure dual-nationality and celebrate his family’s links to the African



He writes via text to Perez Hilton:

“(I am) completely numb yet
elated. I am at a lost (sic) for words. I am now a citizen of Sierra
Leone. I need to send two photos for the Sierra Leone Passport that
awaits me in Freetown. President Koroma now goes down in history as the
‘first’ African President to issue an African-American full citizenship
based on DNA. Congrats to all who have been on this historical journey
with me. Mission Accomplished. That said, I’m so moved right now that I
am literally wiped out with the gravity of this new reality. Going home
to celebrate with my ‘dual citizenship’ with my family.”