Last night at the State Capitol in Georgia, Young Jeezy [click to read], T.I. [click to read], Ludacris [click to read], and Kevin Liles teamed up to help bring out voters for Democrat Jim Martin.

Martin and Republican Saxby Chambliss have had their senate election sent into overtime due to the close number of votes. Today was the last day in Georgia for voters to cast their ballots to determine a winner in this long running battle.

The group of multi-platinum rappers and exec called on voters to help elect Jim Martin and add another Democrat to their Congress majority.

We won the battle,” said Young Jeezy, referring to President-elect Barack Obama‘s victory. “Now it’s time we win the war.” The Snowman pleaded voters to “Vote Jim Martin.

On November 4th Chambliss could not achieve the 50% necessary because of a three-way race against Martin and a Libertarian candidate, Allen Buckley. Buckley drew 3.4% of the vote to knock Chambliss from attaining the victory.

Georgia and Minnesota are the only two seats that remain undecided, with a recount in Minnesota as well.

Typically a solid Republican constituency in the state, this year’s election had a vast turnout of voters, white and black that came to show their support for the Democratic Party. The group of executives and rappers hoped to muster the same type of number seen in early November for this recount.

Young Jeezy will also be performing with Akon on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.

Reported by Benjamin Chesna.