Although an unlikely pairing, singer Carly Simon and Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, both played a key role in the recent pardon of rapper/producer John Forte [click to read].

In an interview with the New York Post, Simon described her relationship with Forte, who was both a friend and classmate to her son Ben Taylor. She described Forte as, “…a very talented young man” and claimed that their connection was “instant.”

Through their passion for music, Simon and Senator Hatch worked together to reduce the sentence of Forte, who is expected to be released next month. In 2005 Hatch convinced the Justice Department to transfer Forte from a Pennsylvania prison to a facility at Fort Dix, New Jersey, so he could be closer to his family. Arrangements were also made for the rapper/producer to have his guitar with him in prison.

“[Hatch] is not just a Republican but also a great human being,” Simon told the Post. “He couldn’t have been more terrific during this entire process. He was always very impressed with everything that I brought to his attention regarding John.”

Not only has Simon fought for Forte‘s pardon, but the singer also raised $250,000 for his $650,000 bail.

Forte is most well know for his production on the Fugee‘s album The Score. In 2000, he was caught traveling with 31 pounds of liquid cocaine at Newark Airport and was sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 14 years in prison.