Speaking with Blender Magazine [click here], 50 Cent explained the importance of good money management, fitness, and father-son time. Consider it just another day in the life of a Hip Hop superstar.

As Forbes reported this summer, 50 Cent’s earnings over the last year were estimated at $150 million. However, even with the obvious security this type of money entails, Fif is still humbled by his position in life. “I’m at the point where my money makes money, but with the market so crazy right now, I’m happy just to hang on to what I got. That’s my worst nightmare: after all these years, waking up in the same spot where I started; broke as hell.

With a photo shoot for his album cover recently completed, 50 kept his body fit for cameras with a little help from his trainer. “I take my trainer everywhere I go. His name is Jay Cardiello, but I call him “Jay Cardio.” We do all kinds of shit. I can bench about 405, 410, but mostly we do resistance training. You get macho guys coming in like, ‘Gimme some plates!’ But fuck that—you just need a rubber band and a mat.

Of course, a week in 50 Cent’s life wouldn’t be complete without spending time with his son Marquise. With healthy living being a priority, 50 makes sure his son stays active by playing basketball and football.

Marquise is about to be 12, and he weighs 137 pounds—he’s turning into a little butterball. He’s a chubster. I think his mother feeds him too much fast food. But it’s all right. I was the same at that age.

As previously reported, 50 Cent’s fourth studio album Before I Self Destruct has been pushed back to next year, with it likely dropping in February of 2009.