Rapper Chamillionaire [click to read] is currently prepping for the release of two projects: his latest mixtape titled Mixtape Messiah 5, and his upcoming album, Venom.

The mixtape, which is slated for release on November 23rd, will be the fifth installment of the Mixtape Messiah series and comes just three months after his fourth installment in late August. Expected on the mixtape is Chamillionaire‘s own remix of “Swagger Lke Us” [click to listen]. Other tracks are previewing on his website Chamillionaire.com.

After the success of Chamillionaire‘s critically acclaimed second album Ultimate Victory [click to read], which debuted on the charts at #8, the Houston rapper is also preparing for the release of his third album Venom. The album will be released under Chamillionaire’s own label, Chamillitary Entertainment, and although the date of the album drop has not been officially announced, the mixtape will serve as a prelude to the forthcoming album.

Reported by Salima Koroma.