Rapper Jim Jones recently linked up with Brooklyn electro-rockers MGMT for a
remix to hit single “Electric Feel.” The remix [click to listen] will be featured on Jim
‘ upcoming album Pray IV Reign.

After meeting MGMT at a show in New York, Jones discussed the idea of a potential remix with the duo.

did a show [at United Palace Theater] up in Washington Heights,
explained to GQ.com. “The initial conversation was just that it
was an honor to meet them, I think they’re kinna cool. And from there
it lead into me saying, ‘It’d be crazy if I remixed ‘Electric Feel.”
They were like, ‘Yeah, that would be crazy.’ So I said, ‘Let me get the
beats and shit.

Featured on MGMT‘s first major label album Oracular Spectacular, “Electric Feel” has been remixed and covered by other artists such as Katy Perry and Justice. The song also became a popular mash-up mix by DJ Mighty Mi of High & Mighty fame, combined with Kanye West‘s “Touch The Sky,” billed as “Electric Touch.”

a really good-feelin’ song, and—from where we at—when we hear a
good-feelin’ song, we can’t wait to put it in the cars,
Jim Jones told
GQ.com. “We can’t wait to put it in the clubs. Nah mean? Everything is
not about Hip Hop. I’ll do a country song if it sounds good. I’m not
forcing myself on nothin’, but if a record sounds good it sounds good.

Pray IV Reign is expected to be released next month and aside from his new album Jim Jones has also been working on a new play entitled the Hip Hop Monologues which will premiere in New York this week.

For Jim Jones‘ full interview with GQ magazine, click here.