It was almost a decade ago to the date that Ruste Juxx first appeared on record, in the form of two guest verses on Heltah Skeltah‘s [click to read] Magnum Force album. The Brooklyn emcee spoke to HipHopDX today, 12 hours before releasing his debut Indestructible. “I was putting out a lot of singles out over the years, getting on a lot of Duck Down [Records] tracks. I was working in between, shit was life. I guess it’s really the time right now,” said Juxx about his patience leading up to today. “I’m glad I’m putting it out right now. A lot of things had to happen for it to get done and shit.

However, those curious about the hold-ups, Juxx says it was all him. “It wasn’t like I was waiting for Duck Down to put something out on me; I was doing my own thing. Duck
is my peoples. I’m friends with them outside of rap. We got it
like that. Now I just had the opportunity to drop it there. It’s
beautiful. The album is crazy.

The album is being executive produced by Sean Price. “He
really put his stamp on it. There’s a lot of people that know about me,
but a lot of people don’t. My man putting the stamp on it gives it that
extra push. I picked the tracks on the album, whether through the
Internet or producers I was fucking with.
” Producers include Marco Polo and Black Milk.

Lastly, asked about lines from a recent verse on Heltah Skeltah‘s “So Damn Tough,” where he rapped, “Mothafuckas talkin’ ’bout I’m hatin’ on the south / I’m hatin’ all that bullshit niggas is puttin’ out.” The writer clarified, “What
I’m sayin’ is there’s a lot of bullshit that I’m hearing on the radio –
a lot of corny rappers. The south is poppin’ right now. It just so
happens a lot of the shit is from over there. It’s a lot of hot shit
over there – Scarface, Ludacris [click to read], T.I. [click to read], UGK, 8Ball & MJG,
a lot of a hot artists, but there’s a lot of wack artists. That’s why I
said, ‘Bullshit is bullshit, from BK to VA.’ I’m telling niggas, I’m
not saying [everybody] is wack; some New York rappers is wack. Wack
rappers everywhere.

Indestructible is in stores tomorrow.