This year’s election is shaping up to be a contest that saw an influx of new voters getting into the political process. One of those new voters is the often controversial columnist Jason Whitlock.

In a recent blog on the Huffington Post, Whitlock says he owes his political interest to John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin—but that does not necessarily spell good news for the GOP.

“She is the perfect manifestation of tinkle-down economics and tinkle-down intellectualism,” Whitlock says of the Republican vice presidential candidate. “Strapped with good looks, backed by a four-year degree earned at four different, below-middle-of-the-pack universities, and emboldened by a belief that America owes her far more than she’s prepared to pay for, Palin desperately wants to piss down on the rest of us from the White House.

“She connects because she’s like most of America. She’s determined to live beyond her means. She represents exactly what landed us in financial crisis. She’s a maxed-out, main-street politician being exploited by the political friends of Wall Street willing to extend her credit over the objections of her bankrupt qualifications.”

While Whitlock says he believes McCain is trying to “throw the election” with his pick of Palin, he also reveals his disappointment with Democratic candidate Barack Obama and his handling of the Jeremiah Wright controversy.

“When presidential politics provoked Barack Obama to disavow the minister who filled in the holes created by Obama’s irresponsible biological father, it confirmed in my mind that Obama’s message of political change wouldn’t stretch nearly far enough to meet my standard of courage and honesty.

“It sickens me that we are forced to pretend Obama doesn’t have the ability to associate with and even love people with extreme, illogical views, denounce those beliefs in words and deed and remain a rational, fair-minded person. For decades, black people have supported and respected elected white officials who were raised by unrepentant racists, and we are expected to take those white politicians at their word that their parents’ views don’t interfere with their motivation to be fair.

“Hmm. But now I’m supposed to believe that a half black man who owes his entire existence to his white mama and grandparents is a threat to America because his old black minister can’t get over the racism he tasted first-hand.”

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