If one has ever watched the Fox TV show, Dark Angel, one will notice, that the hip hop influence is very prevalent. So prevalent in fact, FOX has decided to release a soundtrack on April 23rd. The Soundtrack will feature songs form MC Lyte, Chuck D, Q-Tip, John Forte and hits from Foxy Brown, Kelis, Mystic, Abstract Rude, and Tribe Unique.

Here’s the current track listing:
1. “Dark Angel Theme” Public Enemy and MC Lyte
2. “My Neck, My Back” Khia
3. “Trouble Again” John Forté feat. Tricky
4. “No Dealz” MC Lyte
5. “Bring It To Me” Samantha Cole
6. “Moving With U” Q-Tip
7. “Candy” Foxy Brown feat. Kelis
8. “Bad News” Damizza feat. Shade Shiest & N.U.N.E.
9. “The Life” Mystic
10. “Somethin’ About This Music” Abstract rude & Tribe Unique
11. “Things I’ve Seen” Spooks
12. “The One” Niki Harris