Bay Area rapper and activist Paris is releasing a new album this October. In addition to putting out the project, the San Francisco native is also promoting college education by putting a brand new twist to the golden ticket contest. Three copies of Paris’ album, Acid Reflex, will contain one golden ticket worth $10,000 in college scholarship money.

We’re living in the hardest economic times in recent memory, and this is a perfect way for me to try to ease the pain for my supporters,” said Paris. “I realize that money is tight for many people and that music is becoming less and less of a priority when everything is rising but wages. This is not only a perfect way for me to express my gratitude to those who continue to support me, but to emphasize both the importance of higher education and the need to continue to support art of substance.”

Paris is well known for his work in the ’90s, which included his first single “The Devil Made Me Do It.” Although his controversial lyrics regarding politics have often led his singles to be banned from MTV, the activist has still been able to make a name for himself, even working with Public Enemy in 2006 to produce the project Rebirth of a Nation [click to read].

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On top of the album’s golden ticket contest, Acid Reflex will comment on topics such as black-on-black violence, war, and politics in an effort to offset what Paris calls “the need for more of an equal balance between positive and negative influences in entertainment.

The album is set to release on October 28th.

Reported by Salima Koroma.