It has been reported that seminal 2Pac producer Johnny “J” Jackson died Friday in a Los Angeles jail, from what’s being considered as a suicide.

Per reports, the ’90s Hip Hop producer threw himself from an upper level at Los Angeles County Jail, killing himself on impact. Jackson was incarcerated from DUI charges.

Beginning with 1994’s Thug Life single, “Pour Out A Little Liquor,” the Mexican-born, Los Angeles-raised producer began producing records for Tupac Shakur. Prior, he had worked with bilingual rapper Candyman, as well as his own Solar Records release I Gotta Be Me.

After work on Thug Life, Above The Rim Soundtrack and Me Against The World, Johnny J assumed the role as Tupac‘s lead producer after his release from prison and subsequent signing to Death Row Records. There, Jackson, due to his similar work ethic, worked extensively with Shakur.

In the final year of Shakur‘s life, Johnny J would produce controversial diss record “Hit ‘Em Up,” single “All About U” as well as posthumous mega-hit “Until The End Of Time.”

After 2Pac‘s death in 1996, Johnny J remained an supervisor with Interscope and Death Row in collecting, remixing and upholding the slain rapper’s material. He remained close with The Outlawz [click to read] and Thug Life members, producing for Big Syke on 2001’s Big Syke Daddy album and more recently with Napoleon. Jackson also produced for Bizzy Bone [click to read] as well as Mack 10‘s then-artist CJ Mac.

HipHopDX extends our condolences to Jackson‘s family and fans.