Jay-Z urges voters in Michigan and Florida to register and Barack the vote.

Throughout democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, he has confirmed his appreciation for Hip Hop, on occasion interrupting his speeches to dust his shoulders off, or even admitting to MTV that he keeps Kanye West and Jay-Z on the iPod [click to read].

Hip Hop artists have not been afraid to reciprocate the love. Rapper Jay-Z, one of Obama’s long time supporters, has scheduled to put on two free shows this weekend in Detroit and Miami in order to gain support for the Obama Campaign.

Jay will kick off the weekend with a show in Detroit on Saturday. The performance will promote voter registration, garnering support, preferably, for Barack Obama. Because the voter registration deadline in Michigan is Monday, October 6th, Jay’s free shows are hoping to get new voters registered before that date. Those 18 and older will be able to pick up one free ticket at Obama campaign offices, which will allow them to attend the show and the rally afterwards.

On Sunday, Jay-Z plans to push voter registration with a show in Miami. Florida, whose 25 electoral votes have proven to be crucial in prior elections, will be significant in the ‘08 race for both presidential candidates, Obama and McCain. As Florida’s voter registration deadline is also on Monday, Jay will accompany the Miami show with a number of other events in an effort to register new voters.

The Vice Presidential debates between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden will air this Thursday in St. Louis, while the second debate between Senators Obama and McCain is scheduled for October 7th in Tennessee.

Reported by Salima Koroma.