Rapper The Game was in court yesterday (Sept 30), for criminal battery charges stemming from a fight at a family funeral in July [click to read].

According to TMZ, a judge agreed to dismiss Game’s charges – provided he does 36 anger management meetings by February 2009.

If the rapper should fail to complete the classes, he could face jail time.

Roughly the same week of the fight, Game called into Power 98.3’s “The Nutz In The Morning” show to speak on the matter. “I thought that paying for
the casket and flowers was cool (A cost of around $14,000), but they
rejected that because they wanted me to pay for the whole thing (which Game states was around $17,000),”
he said back in July.

The situation caused Game to get into an altercation with his cousin “Kriky,” who the rapper alleges planned on starting something at the funeral. “He said, ‘man, you ain’t
my mother fuckin’ family,’ and pushed me. And my reaction was to do
what I do, and do what anybody would do in that situation. And the
whole family jumped in and it was just like a royal rumble. I had no
idea that they was gonna go to the police and do all that, like come on
man. You premeditated this whole thing and it was all money-motivated.”