As New York’s annual Fashion Rocks concert/fashion show aired, there was one glaring omission. Rap superstar Lil’ Wayne was scheduled to perform at the popular event but left shortly after arriving. According to various sources it seems as if Wayne refused to go through a routine security check point.

A senior production person revealed details to the NY Post, saying:

“When Lil’ Wayne showed up to perform in the show – and he showed up on time – he was carrying a bag and refused, point blank, to go through security. Everyone else – including Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock – went through security, and we couldn’t make an exception. He’s obviously not a Boy Scout and has a history with drugs and guns.

But he wouldn’t budge and refused to have his bag searched or have a security wand passed over him. Then he started getting abusive: ‘I don’t need your [bleeping] show – I’m leaving if you make me do this.’ So he had to leave, I mean, who knows what was in that bag?

He got back in the car we’d paid for and drove off. Minutes later, we got frantic calls from his management and record label begging us to have him back. We said, ‘OK, we have an opening at 7 p.m.’ The next thing you know, Wayne‘s people are saying, ‘Can we do a bit later. He’s not going to be ready.’

We had a crew of 250 people waiting for him . . . Then he calls at, like, 9:30 and says, ‘I’m five blocks away,’ which is like 500 blocks away in New York traffic, so we just pulled the plug. It was just so disrespectful to the crew and to the 5,000 audience members. Unbelievable.”

Lil Wayne has yet to comment on the incident.