Lupe Fiasco [click to read] reached a large audience with his 2007 hit “Superstar.” The song was a chart-topping radio success, as well as a nomination for last night’s MTV Music Awards [click to read].

Now, after a strong run, the song is to be immortalized in XBox‘s new game LIPS. Described to be in the tradition of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the game challenges players on their ability to rock the microphone over an array of hits from Hip Hop history.

It’s dope. I’ve had my songs in games before, but more as kinda the soundtrack,Lupe told HipHopDX Monday night. “For now, for my song to be part of the game, so to speak, is like ill. It’s revolutionary. It’s revolutionary in the sense that this game, LIPS, focuses on Hip Hop. The microphone, you can’t just sing like karaoke, line-for-line, you actually have to rock the mic.

It’s amazing,Lupe added, seeing his song get appreciated in new medium. “I just did a show and said, ‘I can’t believe this is my life.’ I’m at a point now where it’s Lupe Fiasco everyday, and I kinda forget that I’m famous, or that I have celebrity or what-have-you, and to be reminded of it in ways like this [game] is [shocking].

Asked if this opportunity will alter Lupe’s relationship with songwriting, he laughed, saying, “It’s gonna make me that much more responsible. [It’s going to make me] say more and do better. It goes other places, into performing. A new level of professionalism, focusing on the art, a new level of integrity – everything is heightened for me.

Lupe closed that the artist featured on “Superstar,” Matthew Santos is working on a yet to be titled album, the next released by 1st & 15th Records. A single is to be released by year’s end.