Much like last week’s political activity in Denver Co., the mix of protesters, police and an excited crowd nearly turned violent during the Take Back Labor Day concert performance on Harriet Island, MN. The event was originally billed as “a festival to celebrate worker’s achievements and to promote a New Vision for the 21st Century,” with a crowd of nearly 20,000 to watch Mos Def, Pharcyde and Atmosphere [click to read] perform with rock acts such as Tom Morello and Steve Earle.

Things took a decidedly different turn when violence broke out among a group of 10,000 staging a peaceful protest. After the Service Employees International Union officials sponsoring the event tried unsuccessfully to calm down the crowd, local police shut down the Wabasha Bridge connecting Harriet Island to nearby St. Paul, where the Republican National Convention is currently being held. When the crowd was redirected to a different bridge, police arrested nearly 100 people (video below) and also used tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. According to Minnesota Public Radio, police made 284 arrests, with 130 people booked on felony charges, 51 on gross misdemeanors and 103 for misdemeanors.