Revered as one of the top ears for music in Atlanta, DJ Scream, a 14-year veteran of deejaying, has raised his profile exponentially this year. “I was really just working hard, doing a lot of mixtapes, parties, a lot of promo, just really working hard to get to the next level. I would say that the breaking point was the Shawty Lo I’m Da Man 2 mixtape, with his ‘Dey Know’ record. I literally sat there in the studio and told him, ‘That’s it. That’s your one.’ I literally snuck it out of the studio before it was finished and went to work on it. At the time, I had the XM show, and I went crazy with the record, and it just caught. Everybody gave me credit for breaking that record. It’s been a blessing from there.

Scream added that his work with Shawty Lo and breaking the record has led to work with Young Dro [click to read], Big Kuntry, Gucci Mane [click to read], Rocko [click to read] and others.

I’ve got the Heavy in the Streets DVD, that’s coming soon. That’s basically a DVD on the Atlanta music scene, and some of the movers and shakers, the street people and so-forth. I’ve got a slew of mixtapes [too]. I just finished up the Playaz Circle [click to read] campaign mixtape, before their album. Shawty Lo‘s I’m Da Man 2008 is coming real soon.

DJ Scream also recently launched a marketing company, Hood Rich Media Group, which also did the marketing for Shawty Lo‘s Units In The City album. The company is presently working with The Shop Boyz [click to read] “Before, we were doing it for acts like Crime Mob and D4L, we just didn’t know we were doing it.

According to Soulja Boy, Scream will be hosting his next mixtape as well [click to read].