After rumors ran rampant when a video surfaced of a seemingly inebriated JoJo ( of the R&B group Jodeci), group member K-Ci spoke with New York’s Hot 97 Monday morning to categorically deny all allegations of drug use. He told the station:

“In case people don’t know, and I wanna bring this public now: my brother is epileptic.We started to cancel the show because he had a seizure the night before we had to get on the plane [for the Sydney concert]. We did a 20 hour flight then got right on stage. I knew my brother was gonna get sick [because of that], man. When we do the song “Crazy” JoJo lays out on the ground, and thats part of the show…but [what happened] wasn’t part of the show.”

K-Ci went on to say that the media needs to check their facts and that internet bloggers have played too much of a role in spreading false rumors. But interestingly enough, he doesn’t place complete blame on them.“I hate Bill Gates,”K-Ci declared, “I hate Bill Gates for inventing the computer of whatever it is, I don’t even know.”

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Though many still remain suspicious, through the entire interview K-Ci stuck to his guns stating that the shocking video was a medical emergency, not a shameful drug-fueled performance. “I applaud my brother for even attempting to come out and perform…and nobody on drugs. If you a real fan you’ll believe what I’m saying…people don’t know the truth so shut you mouth!”