Michael Phelps is clearly the highest-profile rap fan in some time. Between last week and this, Phelps has been thanking Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne for making music that’s helped inspire his eight gold medals [click to read].

Young Jeezy heard this support, and recently sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about America’s biggest athlete of the moment. “I’m a big fan of Michael Phelps! He’s a
great success. I like what he’s doing. He’s like the Young Jeezy of the swim
world. I love it
,” said the Atlanta trap star.

The conversation revealed that the rap star has not swam since he was thrown into a pool as a child. Jeezy also plans to meet his champion fan. “I reached out and [Michael Phelps‘] people got back to me. I’d love to do something for him, maybe like a
performance in his hometown. We definitely very proud of it him back over here,
real talk. You don’t go over there and win that many medals, man. Maybe he can
lend me one for a video or something.

Baltimore, Maryland may soon be blessed with a Young Jeezy concert.