In November, Rick Ross [click to read] told HipHopDX that he needed to get closer to the man the Miami rapper borrowed his name from to work together [click to read]. “He’s a real dude. The fact
is, I don’t know him, and he don’t know me, so we’d have to get past
that boundary before there could be any entertainment, ’cause this is
real to me.”
said Ross.

This week, after recent controversy over Ross‘ speckled past, “Freeway” Ricky Ross says that won’t be happening. “No I never told him it was okay to use my name. I told him I wasn’t
trippin’ but we needed to sit down and talk. Cause I would never be
involved with a Millie Vanilli. I built this name to what it is today
to where I can go to any prison in this country and get saluted,
” the original Ross told

The two were supposed to talk in-person of rights and permission to use the former drug trafficker’s name. After reportedly sending the Def Jam star visitation forms a while back, it was not until three weeks ago that the visitation was attempted, a gesture refused by the incarcerated kingpin.