After the executor’s of the late J Dilla’s estate took out an article in Billboard and expressed their frustration with sorting out the various legal issues in LA Weekly, Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey has weighed in. Ms. Yancey tells Jeff Weiss [click to read] she will follow through with plans to establish a foundation for her son even if it has a different name.

“I’m planning on founding the J Dilla foundation in his honor,” Yancey says. “I suppose I’ll just do it with my own name, God gave me one too. The artists will be informed that this is what Ma Dukes is doing in honor of him. No one can stop me from doing it and the work will still be the same. I just want his fans to know how much we appreciate him and love and cherish all the support.”

Despite the attempts of a federal judge to ban purchases of 2 Live Crew records in the early 90’s, it’s very likely the group’s songs will appear on movie and television screens soon. Billboard reports EverGreen Copyrights has acquired the assets of Joe Wein Music publishing, which includes the entire 2 Live Crew catalog. In addition to songs such as “Me So Horny,” “Pop That Pussy,” “Hoochie Mama” and “Get It Girl” the catalog also includes songs by Poison Clan and 69 Boys, which were all released on Lil Joe Records.

”Together we will work with [Lil Joe Records] to grow the catalog in film and television,” says EverGreen co-CEO David Schulof. Billboard’s Ed Christman estimates EverGreen paid upwards of $3 million for the entire catalog.