As the buzz for Bishop Lamont’s newest single “Grow Up” spreads to newer outlets, so does Lamont. In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Experience radio show, Lamont talked about Detox as well as Eve’s quiet fallout with Aftermath and Dr. Dre.

Being somewhat of a spokesman for Dre’s Detox album, Lamont provided a current yet quick report on the project that has put Dre in a mental stalemate. “It’s not done, we about 50% in. You gotta realize with dude, [it’s been] 22 years, and dude is like ‘it’s gotta be the best it can be.’ He’s under pressure, the worst pressure. The worst scrutiny is coming from his own mind, his own ears.”

Switching the subject to former Aftermath signee Eve, Bishop gave his reasoning as to why her music career wasn’t in the right place so to speak. Eve started doing the TV show, Eve was doing the Fetish thing, and she was getting money a lot of other ways. So the same incentive to try and work on records wasn’t there. And Dre wants you to be all in, but she had other ties. So her energy wasn’t the same coming in because when you work with Dre you gotta do 150%.”

After stating he’s been in a metaphoric “concentration camp” working with Dre on both albums, Lamont jokingly confessed he has had very little time for any outside distractions because he’s “always in the cave with ‘Dre-dolf Hitler.’”

The Reformation is looking at a November release date.