Foxy Brown has broken her silence on Broken Silence—her unreleased biography that was set to be released by publishing giant Simon & Schuster.


The company recently filed suit against Brown, alleging that the east coast emcee was given an advance for a book she never delivered. Now, Brown’s attorney is speaking up on her behalf to clear the air.

“In 2005, after Foxy Brown‘s delivery of her uniquely personally written synopsis, both Simon & Schuster Inga Marchand were excited to join together to publish her autobiography, Broken Silence, one of the most highly anticipated books in rap history, and” Laura Dilimetin told HipHopDX exclusively.

Dilimetin says that when Brown lost her hearing, she had the company’s blessing to go forward with the recovery, but learned that the book deal was off the table after completing rehabilitation to restore her hearing.

“After returning we were told that Simon & Schuster decided not to go forward with the project. Many attempts were made by Foxy Brown’s agents to resurrect the deal, to no avail.”

According to published reports, Brown was given a $75,000 advance for the book, which the company has filed suit to recoup.

Simon & Schuster “exhausted all other avenues on recouping the money on a manuscript that wasn’t delivered,” company spokesman Adam Rothberg told the Associated Press.

Dilimetin counters the claim, saying that the company is trying to prevent the book from being released.

“Now that Foxy Brown is being courted by many publishers to negotiate a new book deal, I find it suspect that after all of these years of silence, Simon & Schuster pick now to bring this meritless action when they were the ones to halt the project.

“Foxy Brown would love to continue with Simon & Schuster and welcomes talks to continue to solidify a deal.”

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