Being from California himself, it would be obvious that Spice 1 was on Ice-T’s side in the war of words with Soulja Boy [click to read]. Talking to PushinTheBayTV, Spice had some words of his own in the dawn of the feud.

Amazed by the change that has taken place since he came out the gates in 1991, Spice explained the way in which the streets would handle a verbal bashing like that of Soulja Boy’s. “We are in 2008 man, that’s all I know. When I think like that I’m like damn we are really in the fuckin’ future. This nigga’s got balls to say something to Ice…nigga’s will look for you and hunt your ass down and take your head off partner. They will cut your balls off and hand them to your little young ass.

Belittling his name, Spice 1 ridiculed Soulja Boy on his attempt to be something he isn’t. “You think you a soldier, boy? You’re not a soldier, you a boy, nigga. I respect what you doing cause you dancing for the kids, but don’t try to take it there with these G’s out here in Cali, nigga.

Spice 1 ended his statement with words of caution, hoping to get through to Soulja Boy. “I don’t know who listens to Spice 1. Soulja Boy could be a fan, I don’t know. But as far as you going against Ice-T, let that shit go.