Young Jeezy’s single “Put On” has been a hot commodity these days as it currently sits at #28 on the Hot 100 billboard chart. Speaking with Fader TV, Jeezy talked about his description of “putting on,” the music video for “Put On,” and his opinion on Fox News.

Setting up the current scenario of a dope dealer attempting to maintain his look, Jeezy put into context the reality of the situation. “Every other Friday he gonna take $200 and get some new kicks, new pants, new fitted hat, and he’s puttin’ on. He fucked up, but it don’t matter…No matter what’s going on with them, they never let you see that. And I feel like that’s what we going through right now. The government’s got us fucked up, they got us down. You can’t ever see us sweat though, [we] just put on.”

Earlier this week, Young Jeezy released the music video for “Put On” featuring Kanye West. The image of a black and silver flag is spotted throughout, to which Jeezy explained as a historic symbol. “To me it symbolizes change…The flag has been red, white and blue forever. And look what we’ve been going through. Black and silver to me are strong colors. It’s like when the Raiders was the greatest. You just wanted to wear black and silver.”

When asked if he was ready for media backlash because of the rogue flag colors, Jeezy immediately fired away at Hip Hop’s most hated TV network. “Man, fuck Fox News, like for real. They tried to ban me on my first album. Look what you teach our people every day. It’s poison, almost like brainwash.”

Young Jeezy has also announced that every Tuesday at 9:02 pm, he will put out a new song on until The Recession comes out on September 2nd.