Stopping by New York’s Power 105.1 radio, LL Cool J talked about his status in Hip Hop as well as a clothing deal he recently struck with Sears department stores.

Speaking his mind, LL Cool J stated, “I am old school, but I’m classic.” Turning this phrase into a metaphor, Cool J explained himself as he continued, “there are a lot of new cars (a reference to new artists). There are always gonna be new cars; that’s a part of [Hip Hop]. But, if you’re a classic, you’re a classic. Whether it’s a 6-4 Impala in mint condition or a Rolls Royce in mint condition…I’m not out here pretending that I’m 17. LL Cool J is not confused about who he is. I’m not trying to be in a young boy’s way.

Validating his last statement, LL candidly put his career of over two decades into context. “I have no reason to not love what I do, and that’s it. I wanna give the people great music. I know that I transitioned from a teenage heart throb, to the hottest old school rapper, to a classic artist, and I’m cool with that.

LL Cool J also commented on his new clothing line (simply called LL Cool J), which will be sold in Sears chain stores nationwide come August. “It’s gonna give great clothing to families that don’t want to spend all that dough, and it’s hot…We start off at 450 doors for back-to-school. It’s for men, women, boys and girls, the whole family. Then it goes to 700 doors by holiday. So, you’ll be able to see it everywhere.” Not wanting to reveal the reported millions he raked in through the agreement, Cool J swiftly chirped, “It was a good deal.

LL Cool J’s latest (and last with Def Jam) album, Exit 13, is slated for an August 26th release date.