Nas isn’t the only one speaking up about Jesse Jackson’s comment toward Barack Obama. In an interview with The Hip Hop Chronicle, Ice Cube lent his own two cents on the subject, as well as his opinion on rappers being legends today.

Ice Cube, known for his socio-political lyrics, expressed his disappoint that Jackson would verbally degrade Obama even though he’s reached such a high platform. “It’s kinda sad, for one thing for a black man to even consider cutting off another black man’s nuts. Especially in a country like America, where that’s happened to us over the years countless and countless times, being sanctioned by the government. It’s kinda sad that he would even think about that. Even though it’s not literal, it’s just as painful.”

When the question of “rap legends” came up, Ice Cube was open about his take on the current roster of primetime artists. “Whatever you wanna say about 50 [Cent], I think he’s a great emcee. When he speaks people wanna hear it. He’s on his way to legendary status if you ask me.” Ice Cube continued, The Game
could be if he keeps on doing good music. The real [thing] is the music, everything else is bullshit. If you focus on that, you’ll be in the Hip Hop hall of fame.”

Though not discussing the current rumor on the street that The Game will be joining Westside Connection, Ice Cube did explain the title of the collaboration that includes WC. “We did a song called ‘Get Used To It,’ meaning the West Coast being here. We ain’t going nowhere. A lot of people try to throw dirt on us for the longest [time]. We’re like those zombies that keep coming back.”

Ice Cube’s newest album, Raw Footage, hits stores August 19th.