In a recent conversation with HipHopDX, Diplomats member 40 Cal spoke candidly about the union of the Harlem-based group, and their return to the spotlight.

I got a relationship with alll of them, except Juelz [Santana] [click to read], because Juelz
been busy. I spoke to JR [Writer] [click to read], I speak to Hell Rell all the time, Duke Da
[click to read]. I spoke to Killa [Cam’ron] last week. The relationship is still cool, but
it’s not as good as it used to be, because we not all in the same
studio. It’s like a family, a family that stays together eats together,
but in the music industry a family that records together stays
together, we don’t really record together that much.

When asked about the recent conversation 40 had with Cam, he stated, “That’s the big homey so I gotta see what’s crackin’. He just told me
he been throwing a lot of parties and doing shows in Florida, getting
the whole Florida fanbase. He told me to warn everybody that ‘it’s
about to go down.

40 Cal, who is releasing his second album this year, Mooga, next month on Gold Dust Media, then spoke about last year’s conflict between Jim Jones and Cam’ron. “It’s one of those family affairs. It’s like ya
pops don’t talk to your uncle, it’s like we all at the same cookout,
but we just don’t sit at the same table.
” Elaborating, Cal used the same analogy, “We all at the same cook-out, repping the same family, everybody
is screaming ‘Dipset!’ but we just not eating at the same table. we might
be eating off the same grill, but we just sitting at different tables.

Mooga features production exclusively from Myspace solicitations.