Erykah Badu has had enough.

After news of her pregnancy by her artist Jay Electronica hit Okayplayer, opinions were mixed. However, after one too many posters commented on Erykah’s growing count of baby’s fathers, the singer pulled no punches during her response.

“HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE QUEENDOM…AND MY CHILDREN AND MY INTELLIGENCE.ive[sic] never been so disgusted in all of my life,” she began.

What followed could read like a diary of Badu’s innermost thoughts on raising children, society, and well as the joy she’s gone through in the process.

“I PUT MUCH TIME AND THOUGHT INTO HAVING AND RAISING MY CHILDREN.IVE HAD THE HONORS OF HAVING 2 HOME BIRTHS AND 2 WONDERFUL PARTNERS BY MY SIDE.every relationship i have been in was because i loved the person DEARLY and was dedicated to us “exclusively” FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS.the fathers of my children are my brothers and friends .we have a great deal of respect for one another and always will.WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN TO NO END.we took our own “vows” and CONTINUE TO UPHOLD THEM.AND THAT IS WHAT THAT IS .question?WHAT IS MARRIAGE ?WHO IS THE JUDGE?”

Badu later stood up for both of her children and their fathers saying: “MY CHILDREN WILL BE LEADERS and they will not ever be slaves to this society’s failing idea of morality.THEY OWN THEIR MINDS AND THEIR DREAMS.BIRTH CONTROL lol … could have 10 babies instead of 2 .I LOVE CHILDREN AND I WILL HAVE AS MANY AS GOD WILL GIVE ME .I AM VERY HEALTHY AND RESPONSIBLE AND SO ARE ALL OF MY PARTNERS I CHOSE THEM WISELY AND SOBERLY .ALL GOOD BROTHERS.”

And even though the artist is “sensitive about my shit,” she’s not worried about losing a fan when family is concerned.

“if i loose[sic] you as a fan because i want to continue to have children then *&%^$#@E OFF… WHO NEEDS YOU ….CERTAINLY NOT ME … KICK ROCKS … CALL TYRONE … PACK LIGHT …. BITE MEi have defended myself here ON THIS SITE and hurled a few insults .. but only in response to your insults ofmy music , my clothes , my lyrics , my hair , my being a woman , my spirit, my choices of partners….these have all been on trial here . and i continued to support the energy of this place…if this post is not clear kiss my placenta.”