T.I. was scheduled to make an appearance at a nightclub in Atlanta on Wednesday (July 9) until signs of trouble arose.

The rapper, whose appearance was paid and court-approved, was supposed to be at the Luckie Food Lounge from 10:30 PM until 12:30 AM, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Reports say that T.I. was not part of the incident, nor did he witness it. However, once the incident began, the rapper’s court-ordered monitor and a security person got him out of the club.

An Atlanta police department spokesman said officers responded to the incident, but immediate details were not available.

T.I. is taking special care to remain out of trouble, as he is currently in the middle of a plea deal which, if completed, will land him in prison for only one year and one day. Without the deal, he would be facing a minimum of four years in prison for attempting