As Freddie Foxxx prepares to release his 14 year-old relic Crazy Like A Foxxx on Fat Beats Records later this month [click to read], the veteran New York emcee and producer revealed to HipHopDX other projects he plans to release.

I’m doing my Music From The Man series,Foxxx revealed exclusively to DX recently. “I have albums that are just me and one producer. Everybody from me and [DJ] Premier, Pete [Rock] [click to read], Clark Kent, Jesse West. I got Kev Brown, Oddisee [click to read]. I’ve been recording all these albums. For the last five or six years, I’ve just been building catalogue. What I decided to, was instead of going to the studio, do an album, drop it, go work the album, I’ll forgo that concept, and decided to build my catalogue, knowing that this is an Internet-driven society, musically, at this time.” The rapper who sold over 200,000 units of his completely-independent Industry Shakedown release added, “I can create as a feel, but not in a desperation to have something new out at the time. A lot of people drop albums, and they work it, and the music don’t last that long right now. I figured, ‘Let me drop catalogue.’

In addition to that, Freddie Foxxx spoke on other projects including his Krupt Mob Motorcycle Music series and Amerikkan Black Man release. “I re-did the album three times now. I got three different versions of Amerikkan Black Man, and they’re all albums I can put out, and they’ll all go different reactions, because that’s such a broad topic.” In the studio at the time, Foxxx did not confirm whether he intends to release all or just one version of this highly-anticipated release.

The rapper who is also widely known as Bumpy Knuckles revealed another collaboration project. “I just did an album with KRS-One [click to read] called Royalty Check. Me and him are going back-to-back on 15 tracks.” The duo famously collaborated on “Ruff, Ruff” from Boogie Down Productions‘ 1992 album Sex and Violence. Foxxx also stated that he was active in working with KRS on the new Stop The Violence album.

In working with other legends, Foxxx‘s production will appear on four to five songs from DMC‘s upcoming album as well. He will also appear in a featuring role on that yet-untitled project.

Saying that offers to do feature work are steadily coming in, Freddie Foxxx stated, “People are sending me requests to do collaborations. If the beat is hot, and I really think I can make a difference on a record, I’ll jump in. Some people just want my voice on there to give it that edge.

After appearances on Kool G Rap and DJ Polo‘s “Money In The Bank,” Gang Starr‘s “The Militia” and O.C.‘s “M.U.G.,” Foxxx has witnessed a plethora of success on other peoples’ records in addition to his own. He stated, “You know what I like? People are requesting the Bumpy that they want. Some people are saying, ‘I want that hardcore, political Bumpy.’ Then some people will say, ‘I want the lyrical emcee Freddie Foxxx.’ Everybody is sending me tracks to me to rap on. I’m having fun with it. I’m not trying to OD on it, but I’m trying to keep putting stuff out as far as catalogue is concerned.

Crazy Like A Foxxx is in stores July 29.